Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) MD-11

Follow-on design to DC-10, similar in configuration but slightly larger and distinguished by the addition of wingtips, revealed at Paris Air Show in June 1985. Launched on 30 December 1986 and the first flown on 10 January 1990. Went into service with Finnair on 20 December 1990. Total delivered: 200.

Specifications: MD-11ER
Accommodation: 2 + 410
Cargo/baggage: 633.7m³(22,380 cu.ft)
Max Speed: MO.945 (542 kt; 1,003 km/h)
Range: 7,240 nm (13,408 km)

Wingspan: 51.6 m (1690ft 5 in)
Length: 61.6 m (202 ft 2 in)
Height: 17.6 m (57 ft 8 in)

Low/swept wing with winglets; three GE CF6-80C2 or PEtW PW 4000 turbofans, one near base of tailfin, the others on underwing pylons;swept tailfin and low-set tailplane; widebody fuselage.