Learjet 55/60

New series of business jets announced at Paris Air Show in June 1977, known as the Longhorn 50 series, providing a stand-up ‘widebody’ cabin and accommodation for 10 passengers. The name Longhorn was subsequently dropped. The prototype Model 55 made its first flight on 15 November 1979, and deliveries started on 30 April 1981. Replaced by the stretched Learjet 60 in January 1993. Total delivered: 147 (55);225 (60).

Specifications: 60
Accommodation: 2 + 9
Cargo/baggage: 1.39 ³ (49 cu.ft)
Max Speed: MO.81 (465 kt; 860 km/h)
Range: 2,735 nm (5,065 km)

Wingspan: 13.34m (43 ft 9 in)
Length: 17.88m (58ft 8 in)
Height: 4.47 m (14ft 8 in)

Low/straight wing with tapered leading edge and winglets; twin Honeywell TFE731 or PEtWC PW 305A turbofans, mounted high on rear fuselage; six cabin windows on right and five on left; swept T-tail and tailplane; delta fin (strake) each side under tail.