Bell 412

Development of Bell Model 212 announced on 8 September 1978, featuring an advanced four-blade rotor design. Two new 212s were modified for certification programme, with flight trials starting on 4 August 1979. First delivery made on 18 January 1981. Also licence-built in Indonesia by ITPN as NBell-412 and in Italy by Auigusta as AB412EP. Total delivered to date (civil only) 451.

Specifications: 412EP
Accommodation: 2 + 14
Cargo/baggage: 2,041 kg (4,800 lb)
Max Speed: 122 kt 9226 km/h)
Range: 402 nm (745 km)

Main rotor diameter: 140 m (46 ft 0 in)
Length (rotors turning): 1701m (56 ft 2 in)
Height: 4.6m (15 ft 0 in)

Four-blade main rotor; twin PEtWC PT6T turboshafts; high skid, emergency pop-out float or non-retractable tricycle landing gear; fixed stablisers.