Wyvern Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) Program

The Wyvern Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) program is based on the premise that safety should not just be a required buzzword on a website--it should mean something. A PASS report will demonstrates how seriously we take safety by providing our clients with due diligence on the operator, aircraft and pilots assigned to each trip we fly or broker. Once we have an assigned aircraft and crew, we can verify that your trip meets your safety requirements using the PASS system.

Each Wyvern PASS report summarizes the trip due diligence information checked by the PASS safety check engine. Each section of the report will display a summary of the information being verified and will display a complete list of failure codes if the operator, aircraft or crew does not qualify. Trips that meet our safety requirements will be given a confirmation number and PASS checkmark. We can print the PASS report for our records and/or email it to our client for their review. All PASS reports are stored online for easy access and reference.

The Wyvern PASS program allows us to:

Check and verify crucial safety information

Each PASS report checks and verifies crucial information concerning the operator, aircraft and crew for a given trip. For example, the pilot check verifies that the assigned pilot is fully certificated, properly type-rated, has met flight time requirements and has current medical and training records.

Choose the safety standard we wish to use to check the trip

Different clients have different requirements. Some clients may simply want to know that the operator, aircraft and crew meet FAA minimum requirements while others may demand that two PIC-qualified pilots be aboard with 20,000 hours of flight time between them. PASS allows us to choose or create the safety standard we wish to use to check each trip.

Customize our company’s PASS requirements

Our company may require all clients and/or employees fly in aircraft insured for a specified amount or that the aircraft pilots meet certain flight time requirements. PASS allows us to customize our safety criteria to match our internal guidelines so that we can ensure that each trip we fly is compliant with company policy.